Ragini Santhanam

The founder of Vriksha ‘The Learning Tree’ and the founder principal of Mandir School of Music, Ragini Santhanam is an accomplished musician from India and a teacher. She teaches Indian classical music to children and adults. She offers school holiday programs and imparts training in mathematics using abacus to children.

Ragini is a multi-faceted personality who takes deep interest in enriching the lives of children through music, education and other cultural activities. She is keen to make sure that the children learn and appreciate Indian culture as well as learning Australian values.

As a teacher, she is very caring and motivating, striving to bring out the best in her students. She is full of energy and enthusiasm, endearing herself to children and adult alike. All the children love Ragini and are always motivated to perform their utmost.

Ragini is making an extraordinary contribution to the entire Indian community through her talent, thoughtfulness, dedication and commitment.

In recognition of her contributions to the community, Ragini was presented with the ACT Children’s Week Award in October 2012 at a special ceremony organised at the Governor General’s residence.

Aparna Ravinithala

A partner in School Holiday Program, Aparna Ravinithala holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and Bachelor of nutrition and dietetics.

She is an active member of the Telugu community. She is the Vice Principal for Telugu Badi, an Indian ethnic community school recognised by the ACTCLSA.

She has been working with kids for many years in Amaroo School as a volunteer.

She has completed certified first aid training course and holds working with vulnerable people card.

Contact details:

General enquiries: [email protected]

Classical music – [email protected]
School Holiday Program – [email protected]
Abacus [email protected]

Call – 0427 489 562